Monday, September 6, 2010

Comment Trouble

Something weird is going on with my comments.  If you have tried to post a comment lately, it probably disappeared.  I only know about the problem because a few people have mentioned that they commented, and yet I never saw it.  Sorry about that!  I will try to find the time to look into the problem soon.

It is normal for your comments to NOT show up immediately under the blog post.  This is because I have chosen to "moderate" the comments before publishing them.  That means I read them first and then publish them.  It is my blog, and I want to maintain complete control over what is here, not to keep away opinions that might disagree with mine, but to be sure that I know what is published under my name.  This will continue.

But, normally, your comments should be posted within a day or two after you make them.  I usually check for comments more frequently after posting, allowing them to be published quickly.  So please don't stop commenting!  I will try to fix the problem soon.

You could help by trying to post a comment below.  The comments I make get published right away, so I can't really experiment with a fix unless I have some "real" comments!  Thanks!