Monday, August 29, 2011

Lutzenkirchen is a Girl...

This year's caterpillar was already out of the egg when John found it (and named it after one of his favorite Auburn football players), almost starved while we were out of town, and flew away with very little fanfare. We need a new metamorphosis gig...

But isn't Daniel cute??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Pictoral Post

At Grandma LaVonne's House

Upside Down Super Holt

See the Resemblance?

Big Gang of Grandkids
HHS Class of 1986 25th Reunion

Visiting Mawmaw

Play Doh Cakes

More Play Doh Cake
James & Yulisa

Ben After Work


More eating...

Still more...

And more...

Still eating!

Skating Rink Fun


A Silly One in Every Bunch!

Four-Wheelin' Fun

Yes, Granddaddy took EVERYONE for a ride!

I even tried it! (I am a wimp!)
Super John in Metropolis, IL
Wonder Anna in Metropolis, IL

Super Dan in Metropolis, IL