Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodbye Winter?

It's the 144th day we've had snow in our yard, but I think it may be the last!  The pond across the street is still frozen, so the view from my front door isn't exactly springy yet.  And we are among the fortunate ones in the neighborhood, since many homes facing different directions have yards that are still totally white!  But I now believe we will not have snow piles near the driveway until June, like I truly believed earlier!  It has warmed up nicely around here; I have hope that spring will come.  Do we count highs in the 50's and lows in the upper 20's or 30's as spring?  I guess we do here, so I guess spring has come, outdoors anyway.

Our furnace has been mostly off for the month of April, but it's not because we don't need it.  It died an on-again-off-again, slow death, and now the indoor temperature is holding between 59 and 63.  That sounds so warm if it's the outdoor temperature, but it is chilly in here!  It is perfect for sleeping, but getting up is tough (er than usual).  Tomorrow is the day for the new one to be installed!  I am looking forward to being warm again, both inside and outside!

See you tomorrow for What's Cooking Wednesday!  For now I better figure out what is cooking on Tuesday!

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