Monday, May 9, 2011

Looking Forward to Esther: Courage to Rise

I had a lovely Mother's Day, thanks to my sweet kiddos and husband.  Fajitas, wine, doughnuts, and Starbucks, sandwiched between two worship services - can't really beat that!

This week is going to zoom by fast since it is the week leading up to Anna's ballet performances on Friday and Saturday.  This year's performance is Esther: Courage to Rise, and I can't wait to see it!  If anyone is interested in joining us there, let me know (or you can buy tickets through the website).  Some portion of our family will be at all three shows, with all of us at the last show on Saturday night.  Reign Dance Theater has been great for Anna and I highly recommend it.  The big show is the main fund-raiser for what is really a very inexpensive ballet school, which explains the high ticket price.  But it is more than your standard ballet recital, believe me!  Watch the trailer here.

We also have Edwin's parents coming to town later this week for the big show.  And we are wrapping up the on-line classes for the big kids, which means some important tests thrown in with the late-night ballet rehearsals.  It should be a very fun week!

For you weather-watchers - I woke to a rip-roaring thunderstorm this morning, which I think means that spring is finally here.  We have not seen any snow flakes for a whole week now, and there are a few leaves on the trees!  And I think I saw that the high tomorrow is 80.  I think this is why I have said that spring is really one of our shortest seasons.  That is fine with me - bring on the summer!

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Gail said...

We can't wait!

I'm packing my "not really winter-but not really summer" clothes.