Friday, December 4, 2009

Not Southern Kids

This morning we woke to a snow-covered world, though it is a bit thin for the time of year. It's the kind of snow that makes everything white, but the grass is still long enough to stick up above it. But it is cold, 12 degrees at the moment, so it does count as a start since this little bit of snow is not likely to melt for a while. We don't need huge snowstorms if it just keeps piling up a bit at a time until March or April. So we are hopeful for a white Christmas, even if it's just the thin coating we have right now.

This snow spurred a conversation at breakfast. John, who is eight, said, "17 degrees is the perfect temperature. Warm enough for the snow to be wet for snowballs and cold enough for the snow not to melt." This started a general discussion about the ideal temperature. A mere 20 degrees was determined to be the best temperature for outdoor play that involves snowballs. And the perfect temperature for snow boarding? Ten. 1-0, barely two digits. Apparently it's just what the doctor ordered for powdery snow, and you won't get too hot in your gear.

I'm just sitting at the table thinking, "Are these kids actually related to me?"

December '09 Photo Project

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