Monday, February 8, 2010

All in Your Perspective

A week or so ago I complained about needing a snow refresher. The snow was all used up - icy, dirty, and ugly. It does not go away, but it loses its beauty. Well, now, of course, it's snowing again, and piling up fast. I didn't leave the house earlier quite soon enough, so my army of boys had to shovel the mountain of snow at the end of the driveway left after the plow came by in a stroke of bad timing. The snow piles at the sides of the driveway are very tall; in fact, I have lost sight of the mailbox from the office window. Now I'll just have to believe the kids when I ask them if they remembered to raise the flag after putting the mail in - until about April anyway.

All this snow reminded me of something Daniel said yesterday. Some friends of ours have next-door neighbors that have gone to Florida until April. They are snowbirds, and who can blame them? These friends have an extremely treacherous driveway, so we are glad to now have the option of parking at the snowbirds' house, where the drive is fairly level, and this is what we were discussing yesterday. Daniel said about these snowbirds, "Yeah, I don't know why, but for some reason they don't like winter!" Edwin and I looked at each other, waiting on the punch line. Nothing. Then Edwin asked Daniel if he could name some reasons the neighbors might not like winter, and Daniel honestly could not. After we named a few, he replied with, "I guess so..."


Anonymous said...

Hi! Now that I've found your blog, I'll plan to read it regularly. :0) Hope you have a wonderful day! Stay warm! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

What are some good reasons for not liking winter? Oh, it's way too cold sometimes. Then summer can be too hot. The roads get really slick and there are accidents. But in summer people just drive way too fast and have accidents anyway. Oh, that's the main reason there are accidents in the winter. Besides learning how to play golf, tennis and sailing you have to learn how to ski, skate and snowboard. Instead of picking up branches that seem to grow in the yard, mowing yards, digging in the garden, raking leaves, mowing, raking, painting, strightning fences you have to shovel, rake snow off the roof, shovel, thaw frozen pipes,shovel and shovel some more. There, I commented.

Anonymous said...

As per your "shameless plug" on FB I am leaving a comment.

M. Helseth said...

Strange kid.

Just kidding. But I REALLY dislike MN winters and can't think of one thing I like to do in the snow. Except stay inside and drink hot chocolate.