Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've been largely absent from the computer lately, and I must say it is nice.  If summer is anything here in Minnesota, it is short.  But it has been lovely so far and we have been soaking up every moment.

We enjoyed a lively visit from my sister, her husband, and five out of six of her kids.  (We'll not mention their drive up here through tornados and that quality time in the gas station bathroom!)  It was like a vacation for all of us, since we did all the fun things we could cram into three days - Como Zoo, Minnehaha Falls, a Twins' game, and the Mall of America.  There was also a lot of play time around here and a lot of eating!

That visit was followed by the annual Music in Plymouth concert with the Minnesota Orchestra and plenty of really good fireworks.  And that was followed closely by two days at the pool, lots of work around the house, a day of rest, and a church picnic.  There was also a plumbing thing; it seems we may be back on the leak-a-week plan.  We have a large plumbing project ahead of us, but the rain in the unfinished part of the basement has stopped for now.  Whew!  I declared we had to stay home this morning to do important things, like laundry, that never seem to do themselves.  Then we're back to the pool, I hope!

The home improvement before and after shots will be coming soon.  The front door will get redone tomorrow and we can declare the exterior done.  The trouble with it would most-likely not show in a photo, but that is still my excuse!

I hope all of you are enjoying summer as much as I am!  If you have any local, Minnesota must-do's for summer, I'd love to hear them!

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Wendy said...

Great pictures! Very fun visit! Can you send me some of the pictures from the visit?