Saturday, December 11, 2010

Children's Choir Concert

Last night the Good Shepherd Children's Community Choir Concert took place, a whole five hours before the blizzard began.  (It was originally scheduled for last Friday night but was postponed due to a big snowstorm.)  All children did a great job!  I love to be able to actually hear my kids' voices (Anna, James, and John are in the choir; David has moved on to the adult choir with a deeper voice, and Daniel is anxiously waiting till next year to be old enough.) among the small crowd.  Our church has been blessed with very talented choir leaders and the kids are learning so much, and they really enjoy singing to the Lord!

[Choir photo to come...]

Meanwhile, I think we may be seeing our first real blizzard.  Wow! the snow is deep and flying sideways.  Stay tuned to find out if we make it to the work Christmas party, which is tonight at a fancy downtown hotel...

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