Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Disco Santa

Disco Santa has been on my Christmas tree all of my life that I can remember.  And that is saying a lot, considering that my family did not have a Christmas tree ornament tradition, or not one that I was aware of, anyway.  We, like many families, had some old ornaments, some new ones, some that my sister and I made at school or church, and some that people had given to us.  Now and then there was a year that Mom would decide to do something more trendy with the tree and buy new, coordinating ornaments of some variety.  But for the most part, there were a few ornaments that were always there, and this was one of them.  I'm not sure how Disco Santa went with me when I got married and left home, but he did, along with a few other ornaments from my childhood.

Edwin's family, on the other hand, has a Christmas ornament tradition.  While growing up, Edwin and his sister, Amy, received an ornament from their grandparents each year.  Most of them are dated, so we have ornaments on our tree that go back to 1968.  Many of them are hand-painted, and they all hold great memories.  Getting married in December means that we also have a few cherished "first Christmas together" ornaments from thoughtful wedding guests.

The Christmas ornament tradition has continued in our own family, as now Edwin's parents give each of our children an ornament every year.  As you can imagine, our tree is filling up quickly with five new ornaments added each year, but we do cherish those ornaments.  When we decorate the tree, we divide the ornaments into groups for each child and they admire them a bit before hanging them on the tree.  Then they proudly point out their ornaments to any and every visitor who walks into our home.

I'm not sure what will happen to our Christmas tree when the kids leave the house with all of their ornaments, and I am not going to think about that now.  But I have a feeling that one day, Lord willing, we will be buying Christmas ornaments for our grandchildren, too!

Psalm 144:12
May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace...

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Jacey said...

Tracey--I love to hear about Edwin's ornaments from 1968 from his grandparents! Rory's mom has always sent the kids ornaments (something I would never have thought of!) and I'm looking forward to my grandchildren looking at those ornaments someday and saying--"look! Dad has an ornament from 2001!" And I'm looking forward, like you, to giving all our grandchildren their ornaments! (and because I"m pregnant, the quote from Psalms made me cry!) Thanks for sharing!