Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freedom Isn't Free

It's another cool and rainy summer morning.  Last week we declared a two week break from the end of our school year so we could enjoy summer a bit and, go figure, it's been cool and rainy almost ever since.  Not that we aren't enjoying the break from school; we are, and boy did we need it!
Dreaming of Summer
As a homeschooling family, we have really enjoyed the freedom that making our own schedule affords us.  The biggest example of this is that every year, beginning the week after Labor Day (You know, the week that all the schools start for the new school year, at least here in Minnesota where they haven't changed to a May-August plan...) we load the car and take a long drive to the Gulf Coast to spend 2 or 3 or 4 weeks with family in a beach house.  The rental prices are cheaper, the beach is uncrowded, the weather is still wonderful, and it's an altogether beautiful time for us.  As a result of this lovely family time, we usually do not begin our school year in earnest until sometime in October.

Fast forward to May or June.  Schools are winding down, and even our homeschooling friends are finishing up right on schedule.  And here we are, still chugging along like it is March or April.  This would be fine, except as everyone else has free time there begins to be fun things to do, like going swimming, summer camp, graduation parties; you know, things you do in the summer when there is no school.

We have managed to finish up quite a few subjects, but I can't really call it done yet.  We still have testing for the younger kids, too.  After the break we will put our heads down and finish up, hopefully in time to switch to our summer schedule by August.  We'll take some trips here and there and they will get off days then, so don't feel too sorry for the poor kids.  Then we will return to our happy beach place in September and be mostly free of school, except for the five (!) online classes that begin on the "normal" schedule...

Freedom isn't free; they may as well learn now.

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Gail said...

And we do so appreciate the price you pay to spend those lovely days with us at the beach.