Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blah, blah, blah...

It's official.  This is not a family history blog.  Just the thought of having to write up a summary about what we have been up to makes me want to shut down the blog forever. :)  It's not that bad, really, but I have realized over the last few months that I can't make promises here.  I am a blogger, though it's so low on my priority list that I will choose not only to watch Olympic gymnastics before blogging, but I will also choose to watch Olympic handball, or maybe even water polo.  I hope you get my drift!

So here's the quick run-down, and then I am off the hook:
  • The Lego tournament was super-fun!  The Cavemen were awesome, with a fourth place finish in robot performance.  We liked the Magic Kingdom, but I think we liked Sea World better.
  • Anna's ballet performance was great.  She was beautiful and graceful, of course!
  • All five kids were involved in a home school drama group this summer, Class Act Theatre.  They worked with a bunch of great kids and a professional director to put on The Secret Garden.  Their acting debuts were terrific.  We'll get a DVD of the play soon and we will subject many of you who may have missed it.
  • The Roystons came to visit, and we had a wonderful time!
  • I completed the half-marathon, much to my surprise, really.  I peaked a bit too soon, suffered from shin splints, took 10 whole days off from running BEFORE the big day (which made me really panic), but made it through just fine.  By that evening I could hardly walk, and am still recovering.  All in all, I think becoming a runner was a good thing for me, and I am actually looking forward to running again as soon as next week, I hope.  Rest is the best thing for my problem, but I have begun biking and walking and am feeling much, much better.
  • Summer is coming to a screeching halt.  It's 67 degrees outside, and the pool is still open for another week.  There are at least two flaming orange maple trees on our street.  I plan for school to start August 27.  This year we have 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th, and 11th grades.  Wow!
So I will no longer attempt to give the family play by play here.  I do love to talk about it, so if you want to hear what's going on just ask me, e-mail me, call me, facebook me, whatever.  But here I will stick to weird kid stories, cooking highs and lows, complaining about the weather, and whatever else comes to mind.

And thank you, if you're actually still out there.  Life is still different here; it's just a lot busier!


Gail said...

I am still here.

Bryonie said...

Hooray for a blog post! But I really can't fault you - I'm no better...

Debbie Schafer said...

Thanks for the update. I really appreciated getting caught up with your summer since I've been away.