Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback: Ballet Performance

This week has been a serious keep-your-head-above-water week for us!  We arrived home from the wild Orlando Lego vacation on Monday, and started right up preparing for Anna's ballet performance, which is a big show and not like a regular recital, with a dress rehearsal which lasted way too late for our sleepy gang.  Two children had been carried to bed asleep, another went willingly, and the oldest was horizontal on the couch when we got home with her that night.  We've been trying to catch up on sleep ever since, though it's been hard for Anna, who has had lots of ballet rehearsals.

In addition to the ballet schedule, I made it home quite sick with a sinus infection, so I haven't been up to full speed at all.  I am feeling better now, though quite behind on lots of things.  AND the big kids' online classes are wrapping up this week, so they have had lots of work to do in addition to making up all that they missed while we were gone. Oh, the timing!

But it has been worth all the work and craziness.  We had so much fun with our kids in Florida, and really enjoyed our friends, old and new.  Edwin has said it was like we were able to go to summer camp with our kids.  The full report really is coming, after the ballet weekend...

Check out this link if you want to watch a trailer about the ballet performance, Flashback.  Have I mentioned how we love Reign Dance Theater?  Yes, I have.

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