Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes Edwin Travels

Edwin has been traveling a lot.  If you're friends with him on Facebook you've seen his "Sometimes I go to _______" photos.  Sometimes I add smart comments like, "Sometimes you should take your wife!"  But you must know that I am glad he gets to go neat places; I'd be even more glad if we all got to go.  All that said, he's good at his job and I'm proud of him.

Last week he spent most of his time in Santiago, Chile, which means he had many hours on airplanes.  Someone out there invented the overnight flight, thinking it would be such a good use of time while the passengers sleep.  Maybe that's true for those people who can sleep on a plane!  Not so for poor Edwin.  He did some make up sleeping over the weekend.  He also ate lots of seafood in Chile, including octopus.  "Eeeewww!" and, "Did it stick to your tongue?" were the most-popular kid responses.
Looks like a lot of big cities, but it's early fall and still feels like summer!
Mount Hood from the air, taken on Edwin's last trip to Portland

Next week Edwin will spend most of the week in Portland, Oregon.  Since John is turning 12 on Tuesday we got to celebrate early, having his birthday lunch (Smash Burgers, his choice), cake (chocolate), and presents Sunday afternoon.  The good news is we'll treat Tuesday as special, too, so the birthday fun will continue.  And then there's Daniel's birthday to look forward to on April 29!

A friend pointed out to me that now all the kids will be in double digits (Daniel's turning 10).  I'm pretty sure that makes the parents pretty old; just saying!  We did get a bit of a late start with the kids, which is really noticeable when Edwin and I think of how we are now older than our parents were when he and I got married.  Let that one sink in a few minutes...

We've had a fun weekend here.  Lots of fun and family time, trying to recharge for the week ahead.  Maybe spring will come this week.  For now we're still covered in snow, but I do see some higher temps in the forecast.  There's even a chance for 70 degrees by next weekend.  That would be great, but for now just one green leaf on a tree would give me a mental boost.  As a friend of mine would say, "33rd day of spring, my foot!"  We love it here!

Birthday pictures to come later in the week!  And if I see a leaf I will be sure to sound the alert!


Gail said...

Sorry you don't get to travel along. Edwin's trips do sound somewhat exotic and very interesting. Too bad he doesn't have time to really enjoy the places, but he seems to enjoy the different food. Yum!

I so hope that Spring arrives for y'all soon. We are enjoying the mild weather before summer hits us.Maybe, your spring will come before our summer! HaHa!!!

Tracey said...

By our standards you are already having summer! :)