Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starting Over: How Life Is Different Here Now (The Summary)

To say it's been a while is an understatement.  One measly post with some mediocre pictures stood in for my usual string of winter complaints.  Maybe that's a good thing.  If I'm going to complain about winter in Minnesota I can at least not publish it for the world 10 people (5?) who read my blog to see.  I'd love to report that winter is over and spring is here and all is well with the weather world, but, alas, we got a big snow in almost-mid-April, right after nearly all the snow in our yard had melted...

The family is doing great.  The kids are all racing to outgrow me and eating us out of house and home.  Here are a couple of pictures from our Easter hike at Minnehaha Falls.  It's what Easter looked like in Minnesota this year, and it's another example of how Life Is Different Here:

I hope to begin writing again; time will tell if I follow through.  I decided to pop in today for a short post because I feel like I have arrived at a running milestone following that pesky running injury.  Here's the summary of the last nine months or so, as it relates to running anyway!
  • 4 weeks of running through the pain (including my first half-marathon)
  • 4 weeks of hoping to get better (but getting worse)
  • 13 weeks of non-weight-bearing crutches
  • 5 weeks of remembering how to walk without limping
  • 15 weeks of retraining: walking, biking, & running
  • Today: Ran 3 miles, all in a row, under 30 minutes.  Feeling done with the tibial stress fracture!
  • Enjoying pain-free running again, feeling very thankful...
I've been thinking a lot about what should be different in my training this time around.  I really don't want another injury! I have made a few changes and I am definitely on alert for signs of trouble, taking the whole "listen to your body" thing much more seriously now. 

More on how Life Is Different Here coming soon!


Debbie S said...

Welcome back. Glad to here that you are back to running and writing. I will continue to be one of the 5-10 who will read your blog.

Gail said...

Glad you are back. You lead a VERY busy life so doing a blog at all is an amazement to me. Hope to talk with you sometime soon.