Monday, December 19, 2011

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

This morning, I took a rare-for-December outdoor run, since it was only 31 degrees and we still have no snow to worry about!  This afternoon, my new treadmill was delivered.  You can see in the photo just how far from the front door the 300 pound box has been moved.  Getting it to its new home in the basement and assembling it will be a bit of a workout in itself.

So the story of the love-hate realtionship I have with the treadmill has come full circle now.  I am ready to face the indoor running again as soon as the real winter comes (as it surely will, even if not before Christmas).  And I hope the "hate" part of the relationship will lessen, since I now have a nice treadmill instead of the scary, it-might-throw-you-off-any-time one I used to have.  I know I will still be glad to run outside when spring comes, but for now I am pretty excited about being able to do some more specific training because of the speed and incline control, as well as the easy distance measuring. 

Should be fun!  As soon as we get that huge box down the basement stairs, anyway!

Yes, my foyer tile is that ugly!

Yes, this picture is upside-down!

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Tonya said...

I just got finished with my treadmill workout for the day. Hope you enjoy your new treadmill.