Monday, December 12, 2011

What's Cooking Monday?

"Waffleized" French Toast
I know, I used to ask what's cooking on Wednesday.  But today is only Monday and this is the only picture I took. I am trying to stay ahead caught up on the December Photo Project, and that is not easy for me right now!  (Careful readers may have noticed that there is currently no December 9th, but it will one day slip in, probably unnoticed.)  Also, I couldn't bear to leave that pitiful picture of John at the top of the page any longer.  So for now we will discuss what I cooked for dinner tonight.  I cook on Mondays, too, after all.

First the set up: we were supposed to spend the entire day skiing on this, the first home school ski day of the winter.  We were unable to do that due to a certain traumatic illness that is improving (and thank you for your sweet concern and prayers!), but is not at all ready for that kind of activity.  So instead we stayed home, except for a doctor visit for the sick child.  And Edwin left for a business trip. It was a bit disappointing for all involved.  I made homemade hot chocolate.  Yum.  And then we had waffleized French toast for dinner.  Cheer them up with food, a recurring theme.

What is waffleized French toast, you ask?  In this case it was French toast made with that chunky cinnamon bread they make in the grocery store bakery, (the stuff that they sometimes {today} put right in the doorway so you can't even get in before you have to pick up some), cooked with the waffle iron.  I promise, this idea came right into my head unassisted.  But I was not totally confident I could do such a thing, so I typed "other uses for waffle irons" right in the Google box, and guess what popped up?  The Waffelizer Blog: 30 Answers to the Question "Will It Waffle?"

How great is that?  Of course my French toast idea was there, and there were a lot of other great ideas that I barely had time to look at.  But you better believe I will go back there soon.  And maybe one day in the near future I will waffle something else and tell you about it here.  Maybe I will even waffle on a Wednesday.


Gail said...

You, absolutely, amaze me!

Gail said...

I love the new pretty.

Tracey said...

Thank you, thank you! I can't wait for you to see the rest of the new dishes!