Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Before the Super Glue
Last night, for an unknown reason, our Christmas tree fell.  This morning I entered the family room to water the tree and turn on the lights, and I found it horizontal on the floor, ornaments everywhere.  This is a photo of some of the aftermath.  As soon as David and I got the tree standing again I realized I should have taken a picture of it!  Oh well, live and learn.

Sadly, the only ornament smashed beyond repair was a Precious Moments "Our First Christmas Together" ball, a wedding gift.  Bummer.

By the way, the Christmas bears have denied any wrong-doing, though I think they do look guilty, don't you??
Anna took this picture!


Marcie said...

I hope your Christmas will not be a Griswold Christmas,
well, at least you didn't have a squirrel in the tree.
Wonder what caused the tree to fall ? Sounds like you have had a rough few days,hope the rest of the week will be better for all.

Gail said...

Very guilty!!!

Tracey said...

That squirrel in the tree is the funniest part of the movie! But somehow I think I wouldn't laugh if it happened at my house!